A Short but Full Report…Feb. 23, 2015

¡Buenas tardes!

Good afternoon to everyone!  I hope that your week has started out well.  Things are going well here, and the work is moving forward.  It seems that we are still in a warm spell here.  I say warm because it hasn’t gotten ‘hot’ really, but temperatures have been warm and we have actually been keeping our windows open in our apartment.  I guess winter just payed a fast visit this year.  All of this is just signs of the times.
Even though we talked only just a few days ago, a couple things have happened here.  We still are finding people to teach, and are searching out past investigators.  Sunday, none of the investigators that we were waiting for showed up to church, but a few other investigators turned up and attended.  We’ll have to push back some dates it looks like, but we will also be able to work more with those who showed up.  Sometimes it works out that way, but the Lord has everything under control.
Friday, during our weekly planning session, we had a little scare happen.  My companion has a small Mexican flag on his desk that he received as a gift a few months ago.  While we were planning, he stood up to look out the window that is in front of our desks.  When he went to sit down, the point of the flag pole entered his eye.  Luckily, he had his glasses on and he also reacted quickly.  I saw him immediately stand back up, and saw as he pulled the plastic point out of his eye.  At this point, I think I need to tell you to stay calm and to not freak out, because everything turned out fine.  Luckily the point entered in the side of his eye and only scratched his cornea.  We called Hna Anaya and were sent to the doctor just to be safe.  In all, my companion is fine, but he gave us a little scare there for a minute.
On a brighter note, we had a stake missionary activity that we participated in Saturday.  All the missionaries in the stake came together and we went out with the YM/YW of the stake to contact.  We took about twenty minutes at the beginning to teach some basic principles on how to contact people, and then we went out into the real world.  The youth did quite well, and my group managed to make something like twenty contacts in an hour and a half.  It is more difficult in Utah to do an activity like this, but the youth need activities like this to help them learn how to share the gospel.
Today, we had the chance as a mission to see the Meet the Mormons movie in the Visitor Center.  It will be coming out in select theaters here in Mexico on the 27th.  We will be inviting everyone to go and see the movie and to invite friends and family to see it as well.  The stories that the church chose are great examples of family, service, and making God a part of our lives.  I think that the movie is really relateable and I hope that it makes a good impact on the general public.
Well, time to wrap up.  I know that this is the Lord’s church that has been restored to the earth today.  God is indeed our loving Heavenly Father.  He wants us to serve and love each other.  One simple act of service can change lives and change the world.  I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner

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