A Day at the Museum…. Feb. 18, 2015

¡Buenas tardes a todos!

I hope everyone has had an excellent week!  Transfers have passed and I am still here in Valle II.  It is looking like I will probably finish here, but who knows.  Anything can still happen I guess.  Anyhow, Elder Polanco and I are keeping up the pace.  We are still having abnormal weather here, as the week has been fairly warm.  But, I guess I should enjoy the weather while I can because getting into March, we will be seeing wind, sun, rain, and cold all in one day.
It is still a little bit strange to have PDay on Wednesday because one gets used to the routine of recharging the batteries on Monday, but today has been a good day so far.  Actually, having PDay on Wednesday gives us a great opportunity that we don’t usually have on Mondays.  Most, if not all, of the museums and public places like that are closed on Mondays, so we took advantage of the day and went to the center to see the Museum of the Great Temple.  We went with our Zone Leaders who are now Elder Villanueva and Elder Padilla.  My camera died half way through the walk through, but I did get quite a few good pictures.  The Great Temple, or Templo Mayor is located to one side of and behind the Cathedral of Mexico City.  This was supposedly the center of the Aztec’s worship and sacrifices.
Saturday, we had two baptisms.  We baptized Crecensio, who will turn 78 in April, and Carlos, who is 20 and is the grandson of a sister in our ward.  The program went well and quite a few members attended the baptism.  I didn’t think the weather was that cold, but Crecensio was cold when we were taking pictures, so we took some quick shots and then started the baptism.  Unfortunately, the water heater in our chapel doesn’t work very well because only one chamber is working right now, so the water wasn’t as warm as we wanted, but all went well.  Crecensio and Carlos were then confirmedSunday, along with Pedro (who we baptized like a month and a half ago, but who hadn’t been able to attend church since his baptism).
Well, things are going well here in our area.  We have been able to steadily keep finding more people to teach through referrals and contacting.  Right now, Elder Polanco and I hope to do even more contacting this week and really follow the Spirit to find the people that the Lord has ready.
Have a great week, and we’ll talk again on Monday.  I know that this is the work of the Lord and that the Gospel has been restored to the earth.  We are indeed very blessed to have the restored Gospel along with the restored authority of the priesthood.  Thomas S Monson is God’s chosen prophet who guides His church today.  All of this shows God’s love for us, His children.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner
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