Feliz Dia de San Valentin or Dia de la Amistad …. Feb. 9, 2015

¡Buenas tardes a todos!

Yes, we are indeed into the week of Valentines Day.  Here in Mexico, Valentines Day is known as Dia de San Valentin or Dia de la Amistad which basically means Friendship Day.  So, many people also give little friendship gifts to good friends.  It is also very common to by balloons to go with flowers or other gifts, or even as a gift in itself.
This week went quite well for us.  We have seen quite a bit of progress in our area.  During the week, we had some very good contacts and we have found a few new investigators.  One family that we found this week basically got handed to us I guess you could say.  Wednesday, a taxi driver pulled up while we were walking to lunch and told us that he had some friends that he would like us to visit.  He then introduced us to a couple that he had in his taxi, and they told us where we could find them.  We went by Thursday with them and then we returned Saturday.  They seem really quite interested, and we hope that they will attend church with us this week.
Also, Saturday night, Elder Smith (one of the assistants) called us and gave us the direction of a man who had visited the Visitor Center that day and wanted to find out where his local chapel is.  We called the number that Elder Smith gave us and we then met up with Gilberto and his son Sunday morning to go to church.  They also seem to be very interested in listening to us.  It sounds like Gilberto has talked with the missionaries before, but didn’t have time to dedicate to the church.  His wife passed away a few months ago, and so his search for God has been newly started.
We are hoping to have a couple baptisms this week.  We have two investigators who are on date for this week, but we will have to see if we can finish teaching everything so that they can be prepared for their baptisms.  With the changes that were made to missionary work a few months ago, we have to teach all five lessons to our investigators before baptism now so that they can have a wider vision of what their long-term goals should be after their baptism.  I guess we’ll see how it goes this week with them.
I am going to include some pictures that I took today when we went to Martin Carrera, one of my companion’s old areas.  While there, we hiked a small hill and so I had the opportunity to take some good pictures of Mexico City.  I would say that Mexico city looks like Salt Lake City… just that it is ten times bigger and there is a lot more air pollution.  Elder Polanco and I didn’t take a change of clothes, so we hiked the hill in our missionary attire, but the hill wasn’t that big so all went well.
Well, I wish everyone a great week and a happy Valentines Day.  I know that this is the work of the Lord and that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.  He is with us in this marvelous work.  I know that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore His church to the earth along with the fullness of the Gospel.  Thanks to God’s plan, each and every one of us has the opportunity to live with our families for ever.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner
Feb 9 2015.6 Feb 9 2015.4 Feb 9 1015.1

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