Feb. 2, 2015 The Times Are Changing

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Que gusto me da hablar con ustedes esta tarde y leer que están bien.  Pues, ya estamos en febrero y entonces el mes de enero esta atrás de nosotros.  Esta vida esta llena de nuevos comienzos, un nuevo dia, un nuevo mes, un nuevo año, etc.  Debemos tomar lo mejor de cada dia y seguir adelante esforzándonos por mejorar.  En la verdad, que maravioso es el plan de nuestro Padre Celestial.  El nos da tantas oportunidades para cambiar.  Así entonces, no podemos quedar en un lugar, estamos moviendo por adelante o dejamos que la vida nos deja atrás.  Yo prefiero seguir adelante.
I am glad to be able to talk with you this afternoon and read that you are all doing well.  Well, we are now into February and so January is now behind us.  This life is full of new beginings; a new day, a new month, a new year, etc.  We should take the best of each day and continue forward striving to improve.  In reality, how marvelous is the plan of our Heavenly Father.  He gives us so many oportunities to change.  Thus, we cannot stay in one place, we are either moving forward or letting life leave us behind.  I prefer to keep moving forward.
This week went well.  First off, I did splits with Elder Brown on Friday.  He is from Salt Lake City, and is currently my Zone Leader.  We had some good lessons, and we also had the chance to meet with my bishop to talk with him about a few things.  We are really working hard to work with the members and the leaders of our wards.  President Anaya has actually asked us to put baptism goals now with our ward leaders instead of putting only companionship baptism goals.  That way, we can involve the members in the work.
Saturday, we had the baptism of Laura.  She has been attending church for a few months now and finally took the step of baptism.  She asked Elder Richart to baptize her, so he came and did the ordenance.  The program went well and a few families showed up to demonstrate support for Laura and her family.  I have included a few pictures from the baptism.  We are really happy that Laura was able to enter into the waters of baptism and start a new life.  She really deserves the opportunity to leave behind her past mistakes and start anew.  After the baptism, we went to the priesthood session of our stake conference.
Sunday was stake conference, and so we haven’t confirmed Laura yet.  That will take place this Sunday.  President Medina, one of the counselors of President Anaya, was present at the conference.  The speakers talked about topics such as developing our tallents, listening to the spirit, receiving revelation, and the importance of women in the church.  We actually had to go to the old Mexico City MTC for the conference because our stake doesn’t fit in the stake center for conferences now.
Today, we went on a little adventure to Plaza Las Americas.  We took the metro and then the MexiBus out to las americas which is about thirty minutes from here.  While there, we saw a Carls Jr, and so we had to take advantage.  There are many McDonalds in the mission, a few Little Ceasars now, many KFC, but I only know of two Carls Jrs in the mission.  I guess I have forgoten how to eat a burger, because mine fell apart in my hands as I was eating it.  Oh well, I’m still happy with the tacos, enchiladas, and other fine mexican food that we eat regularly.
I love you all and I want you to know that this is the Lord’s work.  I know that this is His church.  It is great to be here serving as a representative of the Lord.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  We are indeed blessed to be living in this great time when the news of the restoration of the gospel continues to go forth into the world.  I know that President Thomas S. Monson is God’s chosen mouthpiece on the earth today.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner
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