Moving Forward With Vigor ….Jan 19, 2015


It´s great to hear from everyone again and read about what is happening in your lives and how things are going.  Here we are more than half way through January now and into another week.  Things are going well here in our area.  Elder Polanco and I are working well together and we have been getting to know each other a little more.  Elder Polanco is from the west side of the Dominican Republic, close to Haiti.  Because of that, he speaks Spanish, Creol, and is learning French.  He is also working on his English as well of course, as all of the Spanish speaking missionaries are highly encouraged to learn English during their mission.  Maybe I can take advantage of the situation and learn a bit of French as well… Je pense que cela pourrait être amusant.  I have just enough time to keep practicing my Spanish and help Elder Polanco with his English during our language study, so probably not.
Last week, we were able to find some new investigators through referrals and contacting.  We got to know a friend of the Familia Almeida (the family who let us use their computer for our Christmas Skype call),  who’s name is Crecensio.  He attended church with us Sundayand has been listening to us a little bit this week.  We have been focusing in the Plan of Salvation and the importance of prayer with him.  Also, we have met some more families in our area who are currently inactive and we have started to visit them as well.
Saturday, we had the baptism of Ismael in the afternoon.  Ismael was interviewed Friday by one of our Zone Leaders and then Saturday, he entered into the waters of baptism. Sunday, in our Sacrament Meeting, he was then confirmed.  Ismael has changed a lot and he is really happy to have started a new life.  It is great to think that the Spirit could lead him to us so that we could help him change his life and grow closer to God.  Now we have the task of helping him keep learning and progressing in the gospel.
In other news, the Mexico Area Presidency has announced that this year’s area plan simply consists of two or three focuses.  The vision of this year’s plan is: “We will hasten the work of the lord by increasing our faith in Jesus Christ.  We will make the necessary sacrifices to become self-sufficient temporally and spiritually, providing for our own needs and supporting the growth of the Kingdom on the earth.”  Many changes continue to take place that are helping the church here in Mexico to become more self-sufficient.  Right now, many missionaries from the US are serving here in Mexico, but in the future we will be seeing more and more missionaries from Mexico taking the lead in preaching the gospel to their fellow countrymen.  This is a great time to be serving in the work of the Lord.
Well, it’s time to wrap up, but I hope the pictures convey a story or two.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the true church of God on the earth today.  The work of salvation is moving forward.  I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith was inspired of God.  Through him, the church and priesthood of God were restored to the earth.  The Book of Mormon is a marvelous book that was inspired for our day and time.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner
Ty Jan 2015 Baptism Ismael.2 Ty Jan 2015 Baptism Ismael.1

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