New Area…… December 1, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!
Well, another week has passed by and we are now into the month of December!  I don’t know if I am mentally or emotionally prepared for December to be here already, but I don’t really have much of a choice do I.  Time flies and we just have to try and keep up.  I hope that Thanksgiving went well for everyone and that you didn’t eat too much turkey.  Now comes the task of preparing for Christmas.
So this week went fairly well.  I am still getting used to my new area, but I think I am getting the ‘hang of things’.  My area is right aside the Avenida Central and the metro station Musquiz is on the corner of my area.  We actually live fairly close to the metro, so that makes travel convenient.  The apartment that we are living in is very nice, and I still feel like I am almost living in a hotel.  As far as the size of the area, I am still not sure how big the area is.  I know that this area is bigger than San Felipe, but definitely is not the biggest area that I have been in.  Anyway, the members that I have met are nice and I have had the chance to meet some of our investigators.  We have some baptismal dates set for this month, and so things are looking fairly good.
Yesterday, we were able to go to the Visitor Center and the temple with one of our investigators, Jena, and her family.  The Vergel Stake did a Family Home Evening in the Visitor Center yesterday, and so Jena was in the FHE with her family when we arrived.  Durring the FHE, they showed a video that the church has put out right now called La Dádiva and they played Christmas Jeopardy.  I still don’t know what that worddádiva means, so maybe you can fill me in by telling me what the video is named in english.  The video talks about the birth of Christ and how he is the greatest gift that God has ever given the world.  I guess the church is trying to make the video become a social media wave, so we have been instructed to keep track of how many people who we contact have seen the video.
Anyway, after the FHE, we helped out with the refreshments and we then walked around to see all of the lights.  Today, we had a zone activity and we played some volleyball as a zone.  I was on a team with Elder Patten, and I just have to say that we were fairly invincible.  Well, OK, so we weren’t that good, but we had some fun matches.  We then took some time to talk about the “My Family, stories that unite us” hand-out that the church has to help people start their family history.  Family history is becoming an ever more important part of missionary work, and we as missionaries have been instructed to fill out our own booklets so that we can talk with people about family history.
Well, time is short.  Unfortunately I don’t have much more time so I hope the pictures can make up for the lack of words.  Oh, the Hna Gabriela who is in one of the pictures is an investigator from my previous area who I saw while walking around the temple grounds yesterday.  She is still on date to be baptized this month!  I know that this work is true and that we are living in the last dispensation.  The Book of Mormon is a powerful testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are members of His church, and are very blessed to have the restored gospel in our lives.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner


  1. Elder Mayo, President Anaya, Sister Anaya, and I
  2. Hermana Gabriela and I
  3. Plazas Zone

Ty Dec 1 2014 Anayas Ty Dec 1 2014 Sis Gabriela Ty Plaza Zona Dec 1 2014


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