December 15, 2014….. Time Is Flying

¡Buenastardes atodos!

Wow.  I can’t believe that December is almost half way gone!  Time is really flying fast.  We can feel that Christmas is getting closer and closer.  Yesterday, our ward had a little activity where each family brought orbs to decorate the ward Christmas tree.  Little things like that are showing that Christmas is almost here.  This week, we will have our ward’s Christmas dinner and we have invited a few investigators to join us.  We are also looking at doing some caroling as a zone.  Elder Egues and Elder Elliot, the other missionaries in the ward, have been sporting their Santa caps this week to try and catch some attention and spread the Christmas spirit.  They were telling us the other day that they had received some negative feedback from some people on the street, mainly because Friday was the day of the Virgin Guadalupe.
We have had some good experiences this week and have been finding some new investigators to teach. Wednesday, a man named Ismael contacted us on the street and told us that he was looking to get closer to God.  We took down his contact information and we gave him a little pass-along card.  We also invited him to read a chapter and pray.  After we arrived home in the night, he called us and told us that he had read what we had assigned him to read and had prayed.  Elder Mayo was so excited to hear that, and I was too, but Elder Mayo could hardly contain himself.  Ismael attended church with us and has accepted the invitation to be baptized.
We are also working with another investigator named Pedro to prepare him for his baptism that is coming up.  Pedro has really progressed in the time that I have been here.  He has changed his language and he tells us that he has really changed how he acts at home.  He has also been working hard to obey the Word of Wisdom and has just about completely stopped smoking.  We will probably be baptizing him this week.
As a mission, we are really pushing ourselves hard to have a white Christmas this year.  Unfortunately, my companion’s foot has been hurting a little the past week or so.  Today, when he tried to stand up in the afternoon, he couldn’t walk because of the pain.  We talked with the doctor and we will be going to the templetomorrow to meet with one of the mission doctors.  We don’t think it is anything serious, as it appears to just be a pain caused from walking a little bit hard on his foot.  Hopefully we don’t fall behind because of this, but we might have to take it a little slow.  I guess tomorrow will tell though.
Well, I need to close up.  I wish everyone a great week!  I know that this is the work of the Lord.  The gospel has indeed been restored and with it we have all of the ordinances necessary for our salvation.  PresidentMonson is the Lord’s prophet who leads and guides us today.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and that it contains the fullness of the restored gospel.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner
Picture: Plazas Zone
2014-12 Zona Plazas

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