Thanksgiving Week, and a New Area….. Nov.26, 2014

¡Buen tarde a todos!

Aquí estamos, el día antes del día de acción de gracias y espero que todos están listos para la celebración mañana.  Estoy escribiéndoles hoy desde mi nuevo área, Valle II en la Estaca Anáhuac, Zona Plazas.  Mi nuevo compañero es el Elder Mayo de Ecuador.  No he tenido mucho tiempo para conocer el área, pero lo que he visto me recuerda de mi primer área de México.  Estoy en el estado de México otra vez, entonces el ambiente es diferente, pero me siento bien y estoy animado.  Vamos a trabajar bien duro y hacer lo posible por tener una Navidad blanca este próximo mes.
Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I hope that everyone is ready for the celebration tomorrow.  I am writing you all today from my new area, Valle II in the Anáhuac Stake, Plazas Zone.  My new companion is Elder Mayo from Ecuador.  So I haven’t had much time to get to know the area, but what I have seen reminds me of my first area in Mexico.  I am in the state of Mexico again, so the ambiance is different from the DF, but I feel good and I am excited.  We are going to work hard and do everything we can to have a white Christmas this next month.
Transfers yesterday were a little bit odd because of a few different things that happened, but everything turned out OK.  I guess there was a car crash on the Avenida Central, so various companionships arrived late.  That means that we started the meeting a little late.  Then, when President Anaya was announcing the transfers, he called the names of Elder Wagner and Elder Winters (the other Elders of San Felipe) who supposedly didn’t have transfers and were working in their area.  I hear today that they didn’t get transferred after all, and that it just was a mix up I guess.
Anyway, I don’t have much to say about my new area yet, so I guess I will tell you a thing or two about what happened this last week in San Felipe.  We had the opportunity Monday to visit with Gabriela, one of our investigators.  She told us that she has been a little sick the past few Sundays, and that is why she hasn’t been able to attend church.  My how the obstacles present themselves when one is trying to do the right thing.  Secondly, my convert – Mario – has also been experiencing some challenges.  He has such a strong desire to stay strong in the church, but some things with his family have made life hard for him these past weeks.  That’s where the help of the ward is really essential.  I think the bishop will be taking personal charge of helping him out.
Well, we are a little short on time this week.  I hope to have pics and more things to share with you next week.  I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He is in command.  While God has many titles, the particular one that he has chosen for us to use is Heavenly Father.  We are in his hands and as long as we remember that, there is nothing to fear.  I testify of the Book of Mormon and of the restoration of the gospel in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner

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