Another Week of October……..10/13/2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Here we are to the end of another transfer.  As is now normal, we will be advised of the transfers tonight, so who knows if I will stay in this area for another transfer or if I will be writing from a new area this time next week.  This week has gone well and things here are fairly calm.  We still haven’t seen many signs of fall here, and the weather remains comfortable.
This week, a few things happened.  Wednesday, we had our zone meeting and our Zone Leaders shared with us a few things that we will be working on as a mission.  They also shared with us a talk that was given a couple years back in the MTC that talks about how we can become consecrated missionaries.  Then Thursday, the Zone Leaders surprised us and came to our area in the morning along with Elder Preciado and Elder Wagner.  We spilt up and did some contacting in my area for about an hour.  As a result of that contacting ‘spree’, we found quite a few new investigators.  Among them, we found a couple families that we are excited to teach.
Also Wednesday, we were able to go to the Visitor Center with some family of a young woman in our ward (Ahnel) who received her mission call recently.  She decided to open her call in the Visitor Center and invited family and friends to accompany her.  After she opened her call, we did a walk through with her youngest brother, Emmanuel, and we also talked a bit with some of her family.  They are Christians, and had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and why we say that this is the true church.  We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and we did our best to answer their questions.  I love teaching in the Visitor Center because there are a lot of ‘exhibits’ that we can use to visually and interactively add to our lessons.
Today, Elder Castillo and I went to visit one of his converts in his old area.  We were able to visit with one of the families over there for a little bit, and Elder Castillo gave them some pictures that he had for them.  After visiting with them, we then went to Buenavista with Elder Preciado and Elder Wagner.  Mexico City seems to be quite big, but I have discovered that it only seems that way because there are so many people living here.  One hops on the metro and you can get around the city fairly fast.  So, we are now back here in the area after having run around the city a little, thanks to the Mexico City Metro.
Well, unfortunately, I need to wrap up.  I have included a few pictures that were taken this week.  I know that this is church is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was called and prepared by God to restore the gospel to the earth in this dispensation.  Just as was said in conference, we need to keep our sights focused on the Prophet and the leaders of the church, because the truly receive the revelation necessary to guide us today.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Gardner
  1. Elder Gallardo writing down some referrals
  2. I guess Elder Holman wanted to take a picture of himself sideways 🙂
  3. Waiting for Elder Gallardo and Elder Wagner to return from contacting
  4. My companion and I with Emmanuel, the brother of Ahnel

Ty 10:2014 El Gallardo Ty 10:2014 El Holman Ty 10:2014 violin Ty 10:2014con Hector Emmanuel Guzman Soriano


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