Preparing for Conference…. Sept. 29, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Espero que todos están bien y que sigan luchando! Casi empezamos octubre, entonces el verano ya nos pasó y el otoño está aquí (bueno, no oficialmente, pero de todos modos…). El clima no cambia mucho acá en México, solamente empieza a enfriar un poquito entrando octubre. Como mi compañero está acostumbrado a la clima de la República Dominicana, el casi siempre tiene frío. Yo casi nunca tengo frío aquí, entonces todo está bien. Creo que eso es uno de los beneficios que tengo por ser de Utah. Los miembros siempre me preguntan porque no traigo un suéter puesto, pero les contesto que el clima esta bien cómodo y no es necesario poner un suéter. No se que pasaría aquí si cayera nieve un día.

I hope that everyone is well and that you all keep moving forward! We are about to start October, so summer has passed us by and fall is here (well, not officially, but anyway…). The weather doesn’t change much here in Mexico, it only starts to cool off a bit as we move into October. Since my companion is used to the climate of Dominican Republic, he almost always is cold. I am almost never cold here, so all is well. I believe that is one of the benefits of being from Utah. The members always ask me why I don’t have a sweater on, but I just answer that the weather outside is comfortable and it’s not necessary to put on a sweater. I don’t know what would happen here if it were to snow one day.

Anyway, things are going well and we are seeing progress here in our area. This week, we had a few investigators in church and we have a couple baptism dates. We have been inviting all of our investigators to come and see General Conference with us this weekend, so we hope to have quite a few investigators watch the conference sessions with us. General Conference always gives us the great opportunity to invite all to “come and listen to the Prophet speak”. We also have the great blessing of watching the conference in our ward building this time as there is a projector installed.

Not much of interest happened this week. We had our regular interviews with President Anaya Wednesday but other than that we have been focused on working. We have quite a few investigators who are progressing now and we continue trying to find other investigators to teach. In a couple weeks, Elder Preciado and Elder Wagner will actually be baptizing an investigator that Elder Castillo and I were teaching. That story is a little long, so maybe I can share it another time. As far as the small, random, things that happened this week; today I attempted to make ravioli with a sausage tomato sauce and cheese (picture included). It turned out ok, but I think I missed a few things in the sauce… Mom is always asking to know about the small random things so I thought I might include that in.

Well, time to wrap things up. I hope everyone has a great week and that you all enjoy General Conference. Have your questions ready and be searching for the Spirit. I know that this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is the man who was chosen by the Lord to restore his church and that President Monson is the Lord’s prophet here on the earth today. We are indeed blessed to have the guidance of inspired men who direct this work. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Tyler Gardner

1. I guess we will just stick with the staple of the occasional pancakes and mexican hot chocolate
2. Ravioli with tomato sauce and cheese
3. The photo from our Zone Conference that I forgot to send last week.



2014-09 Conferencia de Zona Anáhuac


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