A New Month and Transfers…….Sept. 1, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Espero que esta semana ha sido buena y que todos disfrutaron de sus ‘vacaciones’.   Aquí en México, las personas están preparando para el 15 de Septiembre que ya viene entre dos semanas.  Espero muchas fiestas y muchos cohetes.
Ok, for all of you who don’t know Spanish, here is the translation:
I hope that this week went well and that everyone enjoyed your day off.  Here in Mexico, people are preparing for the 15th which is coming up in two weeks.  I expect many fiestas and many fireworks.  
That’s right, we are into September.  The holiday season here in Mexico is close to its start, as the festivities begin with Mexico’s Independence day.  We as missionaries have started thinking of the holiday season because we will all be hoping for a white Christmas – baptismal white that is.  I don’t expect even a scuff of snow to fall here, so that is the only way to have a white Christmas here.  We are hoping to continue the gradual increase in baptisms that we have been seeing here in the mission.
In other news, we have reached the end of another transfer.  That means that tonight, we will be receiving the news of who will be transferred.  I don’t think that I will be transferred, but who knows.  Also, we had the great opportunity this week to work with President Anaya in our area for a few hours.  We were able to visit a few of our investigators with him, and we had some great lessons.  One of the experiences we had while with him was that we were able to help one of our investigators find some much needed comfort and answers in the Book of Mormon.
This week, we will continue working whether there are transfers or no.  Hopefully Elder Castillo and I can continue working together so that we can continue what we have started.  I know that this is the work of the Lord.  I am extremely grateful for the chance that I have to serve the Lord here in Mexico.  This is His church and His gospel.  The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture filled with power and with inspired words.  It is saddening to see when people reject this book because they do not yet understand its nature, but I testify to them that it is indeed Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
Elder Tyler Gardner

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