Ward Conference and More…August25, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Sounds like everyone has survived their first week of school and that things are going well. I hope classes are going well and that the school year has started off great. With this new start come new opportunities that I hope you take advantage of.

Anyway, this week went well and things are going fine here. This week was slightly difficult with our lessons, but we did have a few investigators in church Sunday. They had the great opportunity of enjoying our ward conference. We, the four elders in the ward, helped out with singing in the choir and Elder Castillo accompanied us on the violin in a couple songs. After the services, there was some food out back for the ward.

The two investigators who attended were Consuelo and Roberto. Consuelo is the owner of the house were we are living. She is a sweet lady and is listening to us as we teach her one or two times a week. She also attended a baptism a couple weeks ago and was really interested in the baptism. Currently, our ward has the family history class and she attended that on Sunday, so she is now also interested in finding out more about family history work. We will see how it goes with here in the next little bit. Our other investigators were unable to attend this week, and so we will be visiting them to see what we can do to help them attend this week.

In other news, as a mission we are now preparing for the Zone Conferences that we will be having this next month. Elder Valenzuela of the Mexico Area Presidency will be coming to visit us and will be in each Multi-Zone Conference.

Well, I need to be closing up. As always, let me say that I know that this work is his work. This is the true church, directed by Christ. Anyone can come to know assuredly that these things are true simply by praying and asking with faith. If they have a sincere desire to know, he will manifest it unto them. Such is his love for each and every one of us that the gospel has been restored and is on the Earth in its fullness today.

Elder Tyler Gardner

1.The ward choir
2.’The Four Elders of San Felipe’, Elder Wagner, Elder Preciado, Elder Castillo, and me




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