The Close of Summer (for some)…. Aug. 18, 2014

¡Buenas tardes a todos!

Sounds like school is just about starting.  Students and teachers are returning to classes here as well.  Actually, summer vacation here is only about one month long for most people, so don’t complain if it seems like your summer has been short. Remember that there are other countries where summer break is only two weeks long.  Things can always be worse, so be glad for what little you might have received.
This week has gone well.  Elder Castillo and I have been working hard and things have been slightly difficult, but we are on the up swing with work in our area.  The trick as always is to help our investigators progress so that they can take the ever-important step of baptism.  We have many investigators who are gaining testimonies, but none attended church this weekend.  Yes, this is frustrating at times, but we will move forward this week with determination and we will be inviting everyone to church.  Sometimes, you just have to extend the invitation to everyone and then the person who you least expect will show up at church.
Yesterday, we had the joy of going to the Visitor Center with one of our investigators and her boyfriend.  Elizabeth, our investigator, is dating Juan Carlos who is a returned missionary.  Juan´s brother Ruben also went with us.  I always love going to the Visitor Center because the Spirit can be felt so strongly there.  While there, we actually saw Elder Pardo, Elder Merrill, and Elder Ioane who were there with a group of people from my previous ward (Tulpetlac).  It was great to see them and hear how things are going over there.  One of my previous investigators from Tulpetlac was also there with his wife and he told me that he recently got baptized!  What a joy to hear that!
So, this week, we hope to return to the Visitor Center with a few other investigators.  Also, we will be focusing on contacting more people.  Our Zone Leaders are really putting an emphasis on contacting, and they will be coming to work with us a little tomorrow.  That should help us get a jump-start on the week.  We also have a few new investigators and contacts that are seeming really interested.  We hope to see progress with them this week.
I know this is the work of the Lord.  His power is with us and his Spirit guides us.  Although there are times where we may be weighed down and burdened, the Lord will comfort us just as Alma was comforted by an angel after being rejected in the city of Ammonihah (Alma 8).  We carry the message of the restored gospel and must be persistent because we know the importance what we preach.  Having just recently completed fifteen months, the urgency of the work for me personally has grown.  These two years are indeed short.  I pray that the Lord can guide all of us as we move forward this week.
Elder Tyler Gardner
1.A lovely picture of my companion and I.
2.I caught my companion in the moment.  How fancy with his pinky up in the air. :)Us at the Visitor Center. Left to right: 3.Ruben, Juan Carlos, Elizabet, Me, Elder Castillo.  Elder Castillo didn’t like that I was so tall next to him so he was actually pulling me down a little.

Ty Aug 18,2014.2 Ty Aug 18,2014.3 Ty Aug18,2014.1


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