This Weeks Headlines ………July 14, 2014

Sorry, thought this got posted last week. I guess the week got away with me, the momma….. Better late than never….

¡Hola y buenas tardes!

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  I hope Jared has recovered enough now that he can be eating a ‘normal diet’ now.  I remember that when I got my wisdom teeth out, I actually drove to Zupas because I was craving some good soup.  Something of more substance than jello, shakes, mashed potatoes, or the blender diet.  Hopefully the pain didn’t last too long.
Today, we have had a busy day.  We had a zone activity today, which took up most of our day and was quite fun.  We actually had a zone marshmellow war.  I have pics of the activity that I will be sending, but was unable to snap pictures of the war.  You know, sometimes it is better to defend yourself rather than be sitting bait while under fire.  As usual, we also played soccer durring the activity.  I guess no zone activity can happen without playing soccer.
This week, things have gone fairly well.  We have continued to find new investigators through our contacting efforts and we hope to have a baptism or two this week.  One of our investigators, a 9 year old girl, actually does not want to get baptized because she is affraid of the water, so we have been helping her get over her fear this last week.  We also have a few refrences that we have been teaching.  Elder Loya and Elder Preciado also had a baptism yesterday.  We were there waiting for one of our investigators, and so we helped them with the program.
Well, time is short and we need to be on our way.  Before closing and as always, I want to testify of this work and say that I know the church to be true.  We are indeed participating in a marvelous work, and have great tidings of happiness to share with the world.  Keep moving forward, because he is on our side and goes in front of us preparing the way.
Elder Tyler Gardner
  1. Our bedroom
  2. Oh, the crazy things that the Elders do sometimes…
  3. With Elder Pardo before my transfer
  4. Playing soccer

Ty bedroom 7:14:2014 Ty craziness 7:14:2014 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Ty Zone Soccer 7:14:2014


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