Happy 4th of July (a couple days late)! July 7, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Well, first off, happy late 4th of July to everyone!  I forgot to include that last week in my email.  Sounds like the 4th was enjoyable and that everyone had a good time.  Obviously, there were no celebrations here.  On the contrary, it seems that there is a slight depression here now that Mexico has been eliminated from the World Cup.  That made our work a little easier, so I am not complaining.  Many have told me that the US was eliminated a few days ago as well, but obviously that is not as big of a deal for us.

I was thinking the other day about where I was a year ago.  A year ago this week, I was leaving Utah for Mexico.  Actually, exactly a year ago today (well, the first Monday of July) I arrived in Mexico and was picked up at the airport by President Anaya and his assistants.  It is hard to believe how fast time has flown.

This week went well.  Elder Úbeda and I put a focus on contacting this week, and we have found some new investigators to work with.  A couple of them seem prepared to receive our message, and so we are happy with what the Lord is providing for us.  We also have a few investigators who are ready to be baptized.  We hope to have a baptism this week.  Our zone is planning a zone baptism and we are working to have every area in the zone baptize this week.  It will be great if we can have even just one investigator participate in this zone wide baptismal program.

Unlike last week, I don’t have much news to share.  I know I am going to receive a reprimand from mom, but I forgot to bring my camera this week to attach photos.  So, I will make sure to send what I can next week.  Oh, and as far as the changes that are taking place with the Church implementing iPads in the US and other locations, I am fairly sure that we will still have to wait a while before such implementations take place here.

Well, it is time for me to close up this weeks email.  As always, I want you all to know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us.  This is his church and his work.  I have seen evidence of his had in this work, and know that he is at our side.  The Book of Mormon is true, and is a source of spiritual power that needs to be applied daily in our lives.


Elder Tyler Gardner


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