Welcome to the Federal District….. June 16, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

I find myself this week in the Districto Federal.  For the first time in my mission, I am serving in what is officially Mexico City.  It is not a very big change though, as my ward is right on the limit between the State of Mexico and the Federal District.  My new area is in the San Felipe ward, in the Anahuac Stake.  With this transfer, I now find myself basically in the center of the mission instead of on the outskirts.  My new companion is Elder Ubeda from Costa Rica.  He has about four months in the mission and is a hard worker.  Being here in San Felipe II reminds me a lot of my first area here in Mexico, but San Felipe is a little bigger and I feel that there is much more work here.

After transfers Tuesday, we have been basically working non-stop.  I have met many of the members in my area and many of the investigators here as well.  But, there is still much more to see and learn here.  The name of the colonia is actually San Felipe de Jesus.  I think we are about ten minutes from the temple in taxi, and this ward, just like all my other wards here in Mexico, is covered by two companionships.

Also in our ward are Elder Loya and Elder Preciado.  They are both from Mexico and are a fun companionship to be working with.  Today, we had the chance to go to downtown for a little bit with them.  Hopefully now that I am here closer to the center, I will have more chances to go to the Zocalo and spend some time over there.  Unfortunately, the internet where I am at today doesn’t have what I need to upload pictures, so I will be sure to bring my cable next week and send pictures of the new house, my companion, and such.

Well, we are a little short on time today with our trip to the center, so I’ll tell you more next week of what is going on here and what my new area is like.  Thanks for the constant support and for the pictures.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth today.  This is his work, and the Book of Mormon is our undeniable companion in testifying of Christ.  He loves us and is with us always.

Elder Tyler Gardner

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