Time for Change….. June 9, 2014

¡Que tal familia!

Glad to hear that your week has gone well. This week has gone well here this week, and it is time that I have a change of scenery.

That is right, this morning I received the call that I have transfers tomorrow. We are to be at the temple by 12:00 pm for transfers, and there I will meet my new companion and find out what my next area will be. I am confident that Elder Pardo is ready to carry on the work here in the hills of Tulpetlac. With this news, unfortunately we are pressed for time today, so I am going to try and get all I can in before we have to go.

This week, we have had quite a bit of work. We have a fair number of families that we are teaching, and they are progressing well. The difficulty, as usual, has been to help them attend church. One family that we are teaching has a hard time attending because of work, and another sister has seven kids that make it difficult for her and her husband to attend. Our new Ward Mission Leader went with us Thursday to visit the last family, and we are hoping that other members can help us befriend them and accompany them to church.

In other news, some of our recent converts have received callings in the ward. It is amazing to see the excitement of one who has recently been coverted and who is eager to progress in the gospel. That is why our leaders our encouraging us as members to become converted to the gospel and renew this excitement that comes from experiencing the Spirit of the Lord so strongly. We should all strive to maintain this level of conversion and dedication.

Well, I need to close up for the week. Next week, I will be able to tell you where I end up and who my new companion will be. This IS the work of the Lord. His hand can be observed in all that we do. If we allow his Spirit to guide and direct us, we will always know where to go and what to do. Many are awaiting the message of the restored gospel.

Elder Tyler Gardner

Look how fast we devour pie!
Enjoying the pj’s


I will probably never have to climb ‘the ramp’ again!
Ok Mom, you always ask me to take more pictures, so here is evidence that I do use my camera.




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