Ready to Move…. May 26, 2014

¡Buenas tardes a todos!

It is great to hear that the Memorial Day weekend is going well. Sounds like there is excitement for school to be over this week. Memorial Day started out very hazy here this morning. Looking out to the valley, much of the city was hidden from view and there was not even a hint of blue in the sky. It rained a little bit a couple of hours ago, so that cleaned the air up a bit.

So, we finally have things worked out and we will be moving to a new apartment probably this next week. After a little bit of searching, we found a nice, economic, apartment in our area where we are going to move to. In other news, the Tellez family will be getting married this week! If you don´t remember, they are the family that we have been living with. That means that they will probably be baptized in two weeks. After five years of waiting, it will be great to see them finally get baptized.

In other news, Elder Valenzuela had a meeting with the leaders of the mission this week to discuss the state of the work in the México México City East Mission. He gave some councel to our leaders, and we had a zone meeting Saturday to listen to our Zone Leaders share some of the councel. President Anaya also visited the Ecatepec Stake yesterday and held a meeting for investigators. I think it is a great thing that President Anaya has been able to hold meetings like this to talk with investigators and meet them personally. He did the same thing when we had our Stake Conference two months ago, and it had a great impact.

Well, I don’t have much else to share this week and my time is about up. Sorry that I haven’t sent any pictures lately. I was going to send some of the activity we had last Monday, but my companion accidentally deleted the pictures from his camera (another team used my camera). I’ll make sure to send more pictures next week.

I know that the church is true and that Christ is at its head. President Thomas S Monson is the prophet today who is inspired to lead and guide the kingdom of God on the earth. If we heed his words, the darts of the adversary will not prevail against us and we will have the protection that the Lord promises in D&C 21:7. This is his work, and it shall move forward.

Elder Tyler Gardner


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