General Conference and Buenavista Station… April 6, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Here we are, another Monday, and another General Conference has passed us by.  I highly enjoyed all of the talks given during this General Conference, and all in Spanish.  Last conference, I watched the Sunday sessions in English with quite a few other elders, not because I couldn’t understand the talks in Spanish, but because sometimes meaning gets lost in the translation.  This time around, we were instructed that we were not to watch it in English, and that is fine too.
I especially liked the talks given during the Priesthood Session this time.  It sounds like we need to understand better the concept of priesthood authority and how we should use the priesthood.  I also liked the talks given by Elder Holland and Elder Zwick.
Also, this Sunday, we confirmed the sister who we baptized last week.  We will be baptizing her family coming up on the nineteenth of April.
Today, we took some time to do a little activity with some other elders and go ice skating in the Buenavista Forum.  Buenavista is a transit hub and commercial center.  Also known as Estación Buenavista, Buenavista provides connection between the Mexico City Metro, MetroBus, and the Suburban Tren.  The ice rink is on the third floor of the commercial center.  Unfortunately, it is looking like I will not be able to send pictures this week because the internet is really slow… 😦  So I guess I will have to send the pictures of our adventure next week.  Sorry about that.
Well, before I go, I want to let you know that President Thomas S. Monson is indeed a prophet called of God.  He, his counselors, and the apostles, lead us and guide us through divine inspiration.  If we heed their council, we will not go astray.  This is the church of Christ, and His work continues to accelerate.
Elder Tyler Gardner
PS.. In answer to some of mom’s questions…
1) I am fairly sure that I said what ward I am now  when I first arrived, but anyhow: Tulpetlac (ward), Ecatepec (stake).

2)Yes, we were able to attend all sessions of conference this time around.
3) I don’t really need anything, but if you want to send me another flash drive I guess that would be ok.  I bought a 16GB Kinsington Data Traveler that is small and handy, so I am actually fine with flash drives.  Oh, what I could use though is more US stamps.  From what I have heard, I can buy them here, but I haven’t had time to look.
4) The next transfers are April 27th/28th ish, whatever that Tuesday is.
5) Oh, and as far as the house,  I don’t know if the Google Street View van gets up to where I am living right now, but the address is:

Primera Cerrada de la Huehuetoca
—-x ——x  ——–                            ~ Mom left out specifics on the address for safety of her boy 😉
—-x ——x  ——–Tulpetlac
Ecatepec, Mexico, Mexico
4) I know I also mentioned this a little while back, but I bought a little speaker that plays mp3’s from a flash drive.  I am going to download the conference talks and put them on my Kinsington.

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