The Field is White…. March 10, 2014

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Here we are to another week, and another Monday!  One more week, and we are again to transfers.  We honestly have no idea who is going to be going or staying.  Elder Alva has more time in this area, so we assume that he will be transfered out if anything.  This time next week we should know what is going to happen.
Well, so our work here in this area continues to grow bit by bit.  This Sunday, we will be having a baptism and we have three or four other investigators to be baptized in the next two to three weeks.  The field is white, and the Lord continues to prepare the way for his sons and daughters to come to a knowledge of the gospel.
This week, we had our Zone Conference combined with the Zone Xalostoc (pronounced Halostoc).  President and Sister Anaya shared a few things with all of us, and we had many chances to practice doing various different things.  President Anaya talked to us especially about how we can receive power in our calling as missionaries.  Prayer, fasting, obedience, and scripture study were his four main points.  There are many examples of this in the scriptures, including Alma and the sons of Mosiah who preached with great power and authority because of much prayer and fasting, and because they studied the scriptures.
Also this week, we have begun to see a change in the weather.  Afternoon clouds are rolling in every day now and we have seen a little bit of rain.  Not much of anything yet, but the rainy season is drawing closer. There is a saying that they have here, “febrero loco, marzo un poco”, which describes the weather that we have been getting.  Tuesday, we received hail while we were in a lesson.
I know that this is the Lord’s work and that this is His church.  This gospel will continue to go forth to the ends of the earth, and it cannot be stopped.  At times, we may feel that we can move forward no more.  That is the moment where we need to push even harder.  May His spirit ever guide your way.
Elder Tyler Gardner
03-2014 Conferencia de Zona Ecatepec

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