Rising Above Civilization…. Feb. 24, 2014

¡Buenas tardes famila!
I am glad to hear from everyone this week that everyone is doing well.  This week has gone well here also.  We have a couple investigators who are getting close to baptism, and we also found some new investigators this week who are interested and ready to progress.
This week has been slightly slower with lessons, but we have had some good progress with a few of our investigators.  We have two or three who are now regularly attending church.  Unfortunately, we still have not been able to baptize the ‘T’ Family because of some setbacks with papers.  It has seemed like one thing after another with them, but we will keep pushing forward.
Today, my companion and I along with 8 other missionaries in our zone hiked one of the hills just behind our area.  I took us just a little under an hour, I think, to arrive to the top of the hill.  I would like to note some fundamental differences between the mountains of Utah and the hills here.  First off, what look like trees from far off are actually cacti (nopales), a cactus plant that sort of grows like a tree.  Second, climbing to the top of the hills still does not get you out of the air pollution.  But, aside from these differences, our hike was enjoyable and we spent a little time relaxing in the shade when we reached the top.
Also this week, Elder Jimenez (our District Leader) received a new companion, Elder Merrill.  Talking with Elder Merrill a little bit, I found out that he is from Provo and went to Timpview… Boo!  No, but really, I don’t have anything against Timpview (outside of high school rivalry), and Elder Merrill is nice.  He actually had Mr. Hearld  his last year, as he played in the Timpview bands (I knew I recognized him from somewhere).
Well, that’s about it for this week.  The work goes forward, and so must we.  Before I close, I want to mention an article that I read in the January 2014 Liahona.  I don’t know if it is in the Ensign, but it is an article taken from a commencement address that Elder Ballard gave at BYUI entitled Face the Future with Faith and Hope.  Look it up, I found it interesting.
I testify that Christ lives.  This, His work of salvation, is ever important.  I know that He is aware of us, and that He desires the happiness of each of us.  God, our Heavenly Father, is a being who we can personally come to know and love.  Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Tyler Gardner

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