Febrero 17, 2014

¡Buenas tardes!

Hello this fine Presidents Day.  Things have been fairly normal this week, and so there is is not much newsy news to report this week.  I am glad to hear that Valentines Day was enjoyable.  I have still not received your package, but I expect that I will receive it tomorrow.
Tuesday, President Anaya payed our zone a visit during our District Meetings.  All of the districts met in our stake center and President and Sister Anaya sat in on each of the meetings.  While he was in our district meeting, President Anaya commented on how we need to remember that our purpose is to have joy – especially as missionaries – and that we can always increase our joy by helping others to come to the joy offered by the gospel.
Also this week, we have started teaching some friends of our bishop, “J” and “C”, who have been attending our ward for the past three or four weeks.  They finally worked out some time to take the lessons, and so we are teaching them in a small business that the bishop has.  They are prepared, and we will be putting them on date this week.  We also had to  push back the baptism of the “T” family one week because the brother hasn’t been able to get a copy of his divorce act yet, so we are hoping that they will be baptized this week.  We have a few other investigators that we aer continuing to work with, but they have not attended church yet…  Hopefully we can help them understand why it is important to attend.
I am including this week another picture of our zone at our zone activity.  I received it from another Elder in my zone.  It is better centered and is more balanced, so hopefully you can see everyone a little bit better.
Well, I need to close for the week.  We are a little bit short on time today, but I want everyone to know that I love you and am loving my time serving here.  This is indeed the Lord’s work and there is no work more fulfilling.  The world continues to move faster and faster, and the work of salvation moves on.  I know that Christ lives and is at the head of this church.
Elder Tyler Gardner
La Zona de Ecatepec

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