Living ‘Off The Grid’….Feb. 10, 2014

¡Que tranza familia!

Ok, so I just had to throw some chilango (Mexico City slang) in my greeting this week.  Those who are from Mexico City are generally known as chilangos, and the city has a whole different language at times.  I am happy to hear from everyone that things are going well.  Sounds like it was a busy week, but other than that, from what I read all heads are intact.
Things have gone well for us this week.  We have a baptism scheduled this week for a couple (the family that we live with) and we hope that it pulls through.  We might have to push it back a week or two if the brother’s papers don’t come through, but we will see.  We also have some other investigators that are progressing.  Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to attend church the past couple of weekends, and so we are going to see what we can do about that.
We had a Zone Activity today and we had some fun playing water balloon volley ball.  Our Zone Leaders added a twist into the game today.  Whenever one team missed a balloon, those of us waiting for our turn on the court soaked them with a few balloons.  We then ate Dominoes Pizza.  I will attach a picture of our zone to this email.
Now to tell you a little bit of why I chose the subject that I did for this week.  The first reason is that, as missionaries, we are generally disconnected from the world.  Because of that, I didn’t even realize the Winter Olympics started this week until one member mentioned the opening ceremony this week.  Not that they matter much right now.  The second reason for the subject is that, Thursday evening, the SIM Card of our cellphone died.  Each companionship in this mission has a simple little cellphone that we use to contact our investigators, members, and our leaders.  We are required each night to report to our District Leader when we arrive at our house so that President Anaya can know when we are all safe in our houses.  Thus, we have been using a public payphone just outside of our house to report in every night.  We will be receiving a new SIM Card tomorrow so that we can be back ‘on the grid’.
Well, I know that not too much interesting happened this week for  me to include, so I have attached some pictures to make up for what I didn’t say.
  1. Elder Alva snagged my camara and took a picture of himself
  2. Planning our next day’s activities
  3. Elder Alva really thinks that he was being funny, doesn’t he?
  4. Me starring my companion down for the last photo
  5. A photo of our zone today at our activity.  There were about ten cameras set up with self timers to take pictures at the same time, so we basically started our cameras and ran.  That’s why it is out of focus and everyone is grouped to one side… so I’ll be obtaining copies of the pictures taken by others.
Well, stay strong and know that I love you all.  I know that the Savior lives and that this is his church.  The Book of Mormon was written for our day and holds the power to clarify and confound the work of the enemy.  Get to know it more intimately than ever.
Elder Tyler Gardner
DSC00303 DSC00305 DSC00307 DSC00308 DSC00311

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