¡Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!


Here we are now sitting between Christmas and New Years.  It was great to see everyone last Tuesday during the Skype call, and I am glad that everyone is doing well and looks great!  I hope Christmas went well, and I hope that 2014 starts off great.  I think I am now getting used to the fact that, here in Mexico, everything is celebrated with fireworks.  Not our nice, pretty, make colored sparks and effects type fireworks that we mostly have in the US, rather the objective seems to be to try and break your eardrums with the occasional M80 firecracker.
Christmas Day went well here.  Just as any other day, we went out to work and do some visits.  Returning to our house that evening, we did have a chance to enjoy some time with the family that we live with.  I don’t think that I mentioned that, but where I live now, we are living with a family.  The parents are investigators and have been attending church for about 5 years.  The problem holding them back right now is that they are not yet legally married.  The husband separated from his first wife years back, and she sort of ‘vanished’, so in order to marry with his spouse now, they had to search the first wife out to legally divorce so that they could then marry.  Everything with the legalwork was moving forward until the legal workers went on vacation for Christmas… they now have the ‘certificate of divorce’, but have not received it yet from the judge because of the holidays.  Hopefully all will move forward so that they can be baptized in January.
Besides the Skype call Tuesday, and openning my Christmas packages, not much else interesting happened this week.  Things are moving along well here in my new area.  Oh, one item of news that I almost forgot to include this week.  It was announced in my ward Sunday that the Church will be beginning the construction of a new chapel for the ward January 11th.  This ward has been waiting for about a year for its own chapel, and now the time is here.
Well, I need to close now.  Sorry that there are no pictures this week, forgot to grab my camera… I hope everyone has a great week and a Happy New Year!
Elder Tyler Gardner

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