Twas the Week Before Christmas

¡Buenas tardes familia!

Well, I now officially know that this has been my last week here in this area. We received the call today telling me that I need to be in the temple tomorrow at 3:30 because I am being transferred. So, I will have to let you know about the Christmas call once I know how things will work in my new area.

This week, two important things took place here in Mexico. The fare for the Metro was raised from 3 pesos to 5 pesos, and the petroleum industry was privatized. The change of the fare for the Metro may not seem that big, but think about those who use the metro to commute to and from work every day. At 3 pesos, that is about 30 to 42 pesos a week for travel, and it is about 50 to 70 pesos a week now for travel. We don’t use the Metro often enough for the change to affect us much, but I know some families that the change will affect.

On a different note; this week, we had the opportunity to go to the Mexico City Visitor Center with our ward. It was great to see the recently reopened center and the things that it provides for our investigators. The center is now full of interactive touch technology. From the integrated iPads where kids can play Book of Mormon based games, to the brand-spanking-new iMacs in the back where you can browse the church Facebook pages. There are also three or four theatres where videos about the family, the birth of Christ, and more are shown. (In the picture that was taken in the Visitor Center, I am with Hermana Moncerrat and her mother. Hermana Moncerrat is a member, but her mother is not.)

In other news, Elder Alfaro will be training starting tomorrow. He went to a training for new trainers in the temple yesterday, and will be receiving his ‘son’ tomorrow. I am confident that he is ready. Following the logical ‘missionary geneology’, I guess I am going to be a Grandfather… weird, I know. Keep track of all this Grandma.

Well, I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here. It doesn’t even feel like winter here, so I don’t feel like the season has truly arrived. But, snow, lights, and music, while they may be a large part of what we now consider Christmas, are not really important when we focus on the true reason that we should be celebrating this season. As you finish school this week or continue with work, I invite you to remember the true spirit of Christmas. Remeber that just as the Nephites and Lamanites experienced a day, night, and day “as if it where one day”, Christ can light up our darkest nights and chase away the inner darkness.

Elder Tyler Gardner

IMG_2013_12_12_18-37-22(1) DSC00208 DSC00210


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