Nov. 18, 2013…Half Way Through November Already!?

¡Buenas tardes familia!

I can’t believe that we are already half way though November!  The weeks are going by faster and faster.  One sign of the season; today, we went to the temple to receive flu vaccinations and space heaters for our house.  Yes, it does get cold here some nights and some days.  Other days, it is still warm and around 80 degrees.  So, a lot like Utah in that aspect.  We won’t get as cold here though.
This week, we have started doing visits with our Ward Council.  We will be visiting less active members and investigators with the Ward Council every Tuesday and Saturday evening now. This is one result of the work that we have been doing with our bishop to help our ward move forward.  Our visits Tuesday where quite successful and had a very good impact on the members that we visited.  It is also good to have someone else other than the missionaries visit the less active members.
Not much else new to report this week.  We are continuing to look for new investigators, teach our current investigators, and visit families in our area.  Looking forward, however, things are hopefully going to pick up more.  Especially with the holidays rolling in.  Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in Mexico, as it is only a U.S. holiday, so Christmas is the next big one.  Christmas here is actually mainly celebrated on the 24th.  ‘Los Reyes Magos’  then come around January 6th.  As things fall right now, our next transfer day is Tuesday the 24th of December.  I am fairly sure that will be changed, but we will have to see.
I have been listening to the General Conference CD’s that you sent me.  This week, I particularly noticed Elder Bednar’s talk on tithing and the finances of the church.  I think it is fairly obvious how we need to apply the financial principles that Elder Bednar mentioned, especially in our world today.  We also need to remember that the Lord has stated “wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal; neither any man, nor the children of men; neither Adam, your father, whom I created” (D&C 29:34).  It is interesting to think about, but our financial practices definitely reflect our spiritual state in some ways.
Well, I am out of time, so that is all for this week.  May the Lord be with you and go before you.
Sincerely, Elder Tyler Gardner

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