Nov. 11,2013….What a Day and Week!

¡Hola y buenas tardes todos!

Well, here I am finally writing my weekly email a little later than I had planned today, but at least here I am.  I went to the Zocalo today for a couple of hours and we returned to are area around 4:15.  After getting to our usual internet, we found that the electricity was being unreliable and making it virtually impossible to do anything in between outages.  So, here we are in another internet finally writing.  Unfortunately today, I forgot to take my camera with me to the Zocalo, but I will have plenty of opportunities to return there for pictures.  It was fun to see the cathedral and El Palacio de Bellas Artes again.  I remember the Zocalo being a bit bigger, but that is perchance because I was smaller the last time I was there.  So, the trip there and back made our day today a little busy.
This week, we met with our companions Elder Guzman and Elder Barralaga (who are the other Elders in our ward) to discuss what we can improve in the ward.  We came up with quite a few good ideas of some things we can do.  To start things off, we met with the Bishop and we are putting in action some plans with the Ward Council.  For December, we have set a goal of 150+ in sacrament meeting attendance and 2 baptisms for the ward.  We will be starting weekly visits with the Ward Council tomorrow, during which we will be visiting less active and inactive members.
Well, I would like to share an interesting experience that I had this week during one of our visits with our investigator ******.  She has a small business in a local market where we usually visit with her because we cannot visit in her house.  During our visit, one of her friends stopped by and started talking to us after a little bit.  Like many people, he had the idea that we as missionaries are paid to do what we are doing.  Talking more with him, we found out that he is a fairly devout Catholic who has studied the Bible with the intent to teach others (like us) ‘the truth’.  While talking with such a person is not really an interesting/different experience in itself, the interesting part was what I saw of the interaction between ***** and her friend.  There came a point in the conversation where **** started to defend us a little bit and to explain our beliefs to her friend.
I clearly saw that **** has been prepared by the Lord.  She has readily accepted our message while we have been teaching her and her testimony has visually grown every week.  It was sad to note that on the other hand, ****’s friend has been caught by the confusion and mess that Satan has created in the world to befuddle men.
I know that this work is His work.  I know that this church is THE restored church of Jesus Christ.  The Book of Mormon is clear evidence of the restoration and of the veracity of our message.  Those who read the Book of Mormon, as long as their heart is open, will always recognize that it contains truth.  By following Moroni’s invitation, they can then receive a testimony that it is indeed Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  If we simply demonstrate to the Lord that we are his trustworthy servants, He will lead us to those who are ready.
Elder Tyler Gardner
Picture: my zone at our zone activity

One thought on “Nov. 11,2013….What a Day and Week!

  1. Hi again Sister Gardner and Elder Gardner! Elder Ferrin is in your Zone? He was in the same room as Elder Adam Treu (my son) in the MTC. How fun! He is so talented and funny! Thanks again for the great blog and information!

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