Step By Step…. October 14, 2013

¡Hola familia!

I am glad to hear from everyone that all is going well, or at least life in general is going well.  Things are going well here for me as well.  Despite how the subject this week might initially sound, this is not a depressing email nor has this been a depressing week.  Rather, just as the subect says, we are inproving one step at a time.
First off, we got some good work done this week.  We did a couple of Family Home Evenings with various families in our area.  Although none of them were able to bring a friend or neighbor to the FHE, we received some references and have found some people that we can possibly start teaching this week.  Meanwhile, we continued to teach the investigators that we currently have (we are currently working with three different investigators).  Unfortunately, it is a little difficult for two of our investigators to progress right now because they are working Sundays.
Some changes in the ward that took place yesterday will help us to have more work in the weeks to come.  The bishopric revised the division of the ward, so that we have a little more area to work in.  Also, we finally have a Ward Mission Leader (Hno. Carmona, our last Ward Mission Leader, got released and called as the 2nd counselor in the bishopric).  So, I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish this week.
Other than that, not much else of note has happened.  Elder Alfaro is progressing well and he has helped to get the work in our area moving a bit more.
Now, I do have a little bit of sad news…  the Mexico City Temple will be closing in January for 18 or so months… so I don’t know if I will have the chance to enter the temple during my mission.  Time will tell I guess.
Well, I need to wrap up my email.  Things are truly going well here, even if we don’t have many investigators right now.
Have a great week, and may the Lord be with you!
Elder Tyler Gardner

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