Oct. 7, 2013 Conference and Training

**As you read Tyler’s letter this time, you will may notice something that makes you say….hmmmm, that’s strange.  Yes, his mother, grandmother, and others thought the same thing…. however, be as it may, here is his weekly letter…. : /  We have downloaded the conference sessions and have burned them to cds. They are soon on their way to him.
¡Hola familia!
I am glad to here that most everything is going well at home.  I am doing well here, and what I saw of General Conference was great!  Sunday, my companion – Elder Alfaro – and I went to our stake center to watch the morning and the afternoon sessions of conference.  I watched the sessions in English with five or six other elders while my companion and the rest of the Elders in the stake watched it in Spanish (I can understand everything in Spanish just fine, but I like to hear the voices of the Prophet and Apostles and sometimes meaning gets lost in the translation).  President Anaya told all of the missionaries that in order to attend the Saturday sessions, we needed to take an investigator or less active member to the sessions.  Elder Alfaro and I tried hard to invite all of our investigators and less active families to the Saturday and Sunday sessions, but in the end nobody went to the Saturday sessions, so we were unable to go.  But, I look forward to reading all of the talks in the Liahona.
I am doing well with my new companion.  Elder Alfaro is from Hidalgo, Mexico and is 18 years old.  He is a good missionary and has a desire to learn and work hard.  Mom asked something about this; the majority of the companionships in the mission consist of one American and one Mexican/Latin American for safety, language, and all of that.  Elder Alfaro arrived with about 20 Americans and 7 other native Spanish speakers (at least 13 of the Americans are from Utah).
Outside of conference, this week I went to the temple for transfers and we then returned to the temple Friday for a training for all new missionaries and trainers.  The Church has a program called The First 12 Weeks that we use for training that makes training new missionaries straight forward.  This program is part of all of the material that goes along with Preach My Gospel and The District (the show on BYU TV).  The idea of The First 12 Weeks is that any missionary can be ready to train right after they finish their training, and with all of the new missionaries comming into the field, it is absolutely necessary for that to occur.
Well, now for the pictures!
  1. A picture of the CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) slip that we receive every two months.  In other words, our electric bill.
  2. Elder Ramírez packing his stuff up.
  3. Elder Ramírez and I.
Well, time to wrap up here.  Keep up with school, work, and life in general!
Elder Tyler Gardner
DSC00166  DSC00170

PS…. Answers to some of mom’s questions…


What kind of clothes need replacing? All of my clothes still fit just the same.  I might have lost just a bit of weight.  The main things that I think I need/ want are maybe two more of the CTR Clothing shirts and another pair of Jonston & Murphys.  I’ll make sure to send you all my sizes.

What blog posts should I send to you from home since I don’t know who you are communicating with regularly?  I don’t have much time to communicate with friends.  Maybe a word or two here and there every week.  So, it is nice to get anything that you can send me from my friends. Oh, also, I received two more of Sister Porter’s DearElder letters this week and I received the letters that the family wrote at Grandma’s birthday. I love receiving letters from family and friends.


One thought on “Oct. 7, 2013 Conference and Training

  1. Elder Gardner and mom! Thanks so much for keeping this blog! After Skyping with our son, Elder Adam Treu, in your same mission this week, I realized, we really don’t know much about anything! I am so grateful for your very detailed information and I love that you said that 13 of the new Elders were from Utah who arrived on Sept. 30. My son was one of them. I also laughed at the post previous to this one about “it is perfectly fine to keep eggs on the counter” – I will laugh for a week about that. Everything is probably so fresh there and you eat it quickly, it doesn’t matter, but I am just like your mom 🙂 I am mostly glad to know about the shoes you like, because dangit, we bought the Eccos and after only 4 months, the soles are wearing too much. And, the shoulder bag that we paid a pretty penny for at Mr. Macs hurts Adam’s shoulder and neck, so he bought a cheap backpack from Zocola and it works fine! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say it enough. You have wonderful writing skills Elder Gardner and I hope you have met my son. Thank you for being a great missionary!! Jody Fisher Treu (Sis. Gardner, friend me on FB and join the Missionary Momma’s group if you’d like!)

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