Septiembre 30; transfers!

Well, like the subject says, transfers are here and I have the news of who is going and who is staying. But… I think I will get to that in a little bit. First, let me tell you a little bit about the week.

This week has gone well. During the week, we encountered a past investigator on the street and she asked us if we could visit her some time. So, we set an appointment and had our first lesson with her. Hopefully we will be able to visit her again this week. We are also teaching another investigator who we, for now, can only teach on Saturday because of his schedule, but he is progressing well despite that obstacle.

So, I guess you are wanting to know about transfers then. Well… I guess I will go ahead and tell you. I am staying here (in Guerreros – Azteca), and both Elder Ramírez and I will be training! Elder Ramírez will be sent to ‘open’ another area with his trainee. It is also probable that I am going to be a District Leader, but I will not know until tomorrow concerning that. Tomorrow, 34 new elders will meet their trainers, and the majority of the new missionaries are from the U.S.

Yesterday, Elder Ramírez and I both went to the temple for a training for all of the elders who will be training starting tomorrow. We received some instruction and inspiration from President Anaya, and we have another training this Friday which we will go to with our new companions.

Unfortunately today, this computer is not wanting to read the memory card of my camera, so I guess I won’t be able to send my pictures today but I will make sure to send them next week.

Well, I need to wrap things up here. May the Lord be with you always.

Elder Tyler Gardner


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