Día de Independiencia…. Sept. 15

¡Hola familia!
Well, the past three or so days here have been constant overcast and almost constant sprinkling rain.  I have heard that the weather is like this because of a hurricane on the coast.  So, I guess we have all been getting a share of the rain.  Some more than others I hear.
Yes, yesterday was September 15, Mexico’s dia de independiencia! Viva Mexico!  Well, because of the day, we were in our house by 8:00 yesterday evening.  Let me just say, I think that our fireworks in Utah are more ‘festive’ than those here in Mexico.  I think the only purpose of Mexican fireworks is to try and burst my eardrums… and to blow up the random toilet on the street that we saw this morning.  Anyway, I digress.
Things are definitely happening that scream ‘signs of the times’.  For example, some members have commented that America is on the verge of going to war with Syria.  Don’t know much about that, but I do know a little bit about what is going on with the teachers here.  Many teachers have gone on marches protesting some recent government reforms.  I don’t know the specifics of the reforms, but I have seen the affect of the marches… traffic on some of the main avenues by the Mexico City Temple has been abnormally bad in the past few weeks.
Well, this last Friday, Elder Ramirez and I took an investigator to our steak’s ‘Noche Mexicana’.  Attached this week are a few pictures of the dances that the wards did that night.  There was also a variety of foods and deserts that the wards made and contributed to the celebration.
Well, it is time for me to wrap up this email.  All is going well here.  Until next week.
In answer to mom’s questions about what kitchen appliances we have….
Stove – yes:  fully functional integrated gas range with oven
Microwave – yes
Refrigerator – yes:  we have two in our house but are only using the smaller of the two
 Additionally, we also have a blender that we bought a couple of weeks ago.
 So, I am assuming that you do not remember that when we talked with that RM who served in my mission that he talked about how both the eggs and certain brands of the milk are not stored in refrigeration?  The milk is “ultra-pasteurised” just like Gosners Milk. Well, anyway, it is perfectly safe to keep the eggs on the table.
By the way, I received Sister Porter’s second DearElder card yesterday. I appreciate receiving the letters that I get from her and others. Keep them coming.
Elder Tyler Gardner

DSC00141 DSC00161 DSC00135


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