Septiembre 9

¡Hola familia!
Here we are again!  Another Monday!  My companion and I started our email a little later than normal today because of rain, but here we are.
Not much happened this week to talk about.  It was a little difficult to have lessons with our investigators this week, but we did have some pretty good lessons with them as well as some of the less active families that we are teaching.  We are expecting to be able to baptize the sister that I talked about last week inside the next few weeks.
We did have a Zone Conference Friday in our stake center.  We learned about the importance of teaching the nature of our Heavenly Father to our investigators.  We also learned about how to teach the Great Apostasy more effectively so that our investigators understand the need for the Restoration.
Well, this week, things have noticeably started to gear up for September 15th, Mexico’s Independence day.  Decorations for the 15th can be seen in many stores and many people have already started to set off fireworks here and there.  Here in Mexico though, their fireworks are more of explosive noise-makers.  Oh how I can’t wait for the night of the 15th… In reality though, it should be quite fun to see some of the celebrations.
Well, my email is maybe a little shorter this week, but a picture is a 1000 words, right?
This weeks pictures:
  1. Back from the store!  Our table is restocked for the week.  REMEMBER: the eggs are fine on the table!
  2. Panorama of the city to the west of our house – waiting for the rain.
  3. A picture of me – for mom 😉 – with a background of the incoming rainclouds
Elder Tyler Gardner
DSC00103 DSC00111 DSC00116IMG_0271 IMG_0560

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