Into September!

Hola familia!
To start off, there is one word floating around in my head right now that describes or applies to mom’s and grandma’s emails this week.  That word… irony (maybe not the prime word for this situation, but it will do).  Here you are talking about getting rained on up at Swiss Days, and yet it is the rainy season here in Mexico.  A little bit of piddly Utah rain shouldn’t be such a big focus of your Swiss Days weekend!
That is me joking… but seriously, even as I sit here writing this email, today’s lot of rain is starting just outside of this internet’.´
Well, anyway, glad that Swiss Days was enjoyable to some degree despite all of the driving back and forth.  Actually, my companion and I also did quite a bit of traveling back and forth this week.  My companion is our District Leader, and there have been three or four meetings during the past week or two that we have had to go the mission offices for.  Because of that, I had the lovely opportunity to experience the Mexico City Metro during morning rush hour.  Best way to describe it… look up some YouTube videos.  Some of them will be a little bit on the far end of wild, but they get the point across.  I almost didn’t make it out of the train for our stop…
Well, besides that lovely travel opportunity, this week has been rather uneventful.  However, my companion and I did receive some good news this week from one of our investigators.  This particular sister has actually been attending church regularly for longer than I have been here.  She has not been baptized yet because she is not legally married to her husband, who works fairly far away and visits every few months when he has a chance.  The good news is that this sister had the chance to talk to her spouse this last weekend about getting married.  She told us that through the help of the spirit, she was able to ask her husband if he wanted to marry her (often, some people do not marry legally because of the fees and paperwork).  She was delightfully surprised when he said yes, he did want to.
So, hopefully in the next few weeks, she will be able to partake of the ordinance of baptism.  She has already started her family history work, and so she is also eager to enter the temple and complete the work for her ancestors.
Well, the work continues.  My time is about up, so I will start to close-up my weekly email.
This week, I would like to say thanks to Sister Porter for the DearElder letter and let her know that I received it.
Marching forth in the strength of the Lord,
Elder Tyler Gardner



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