My Week – Read All About it! August 19, 2013

Well, just as you folks are waiting to start school this week or are already back, school has started here in Mexico.  This morning, parents and kids were gathered at the kinder across the street from our house.  It was interesting to watch the little ceremony that they had with the Mexican flag and anthem (I assume it was their anthem).
Let me start off with the exciting stuff and then Ill go from there (sorry for the lack of apostrophes, this computer that I am using this week refuses to type apostrophes for me).  Friday, while Elder Ramirez and I were transitioning from our studies to weekly planning, Elder Ramirez noticed that his chair seemed to be moving back and forth a little bit.  I noticed that he looked up and around the room, and then I noticed it for myself.  In the room that we study in, there is a wind chime with dolphins that hangs from the ceiling.  That wind chime and the door to our bedroom were swinging gently back and forth.  Yes, I experienced my first little earthquake or tremor here in little Mexico City.
Ok, now for the normal happenings of the week.  This week, we found two new people that we are going to begin teaching.  One of them is actually a previous investigator that we found while on the street one day, and the other is a referal from a less active family.  I am excited to start meeting with them this week.
Also, regular transfers were today (well, going to happen tomorrow) and neither Elder Ramirez or I are getting transfered.  As a matter of fact, only two elders in our zone are getting transfered this time around.
Unfortunately this week, I am unable to send any pictures.  This computer is refusing to upload pictures to email, so I will have to send them next week (we actually are in a different internet this week because the one that we usually go to was full).  Sorry about that…
Before I close, here is my aha this week.  It might be described better as an interesting discovery.  For my talk that I gave in my ward this last Sunday, I studied about faith.  We all know the story about Laman and Lemuel and their experiences with angels and signs.  No matter how many signs they received from God, they never developed faith.  Ether 12:6 states that we will not receive any witness untill after the trial of our faith.  Allong with this theme, we actually have modern revelation addressed to the members of the church about this same problem.  D&C 63 addresses the saints concerning their desire for signs or devine witnesses.  We will not receive any sign from heaven unless we have faith.  It doesnt work the other way around.
Have a great week!
With His strength,
Elder Tyler Gardner

PS…. here are some answers to some questions we asked him:

So you said last week that one of your pairs of shoes was starting to wear down. We are wondering if we should go back and get another pair from Mr. Mac and send it to you? It would take a little while to get there, but we could get it going… ??
One of the pairs has worn down a bit on the heel, but they are doing fine.
Did you end up getting a little cd player or anything so that you can play your cds? Some of the moms in the missionary mom email group wonder about mp3 players without earbuds, but with speaker ability instead. ??
No, I have not gotten a CD player.  The DVD players that we have for training can play CDs, so I havent bothered.
I haven’t noticed that you have used your debit card, so tell how your grocery shopping goes each week? Where do you shop? Are you given cash as a budget? Do you have enough money?
I have not used my card yet, but I am thinking that I will in a week or two.  We have a monthly allowance that we receive from the mission on a prepaid card from the Church.  The use of that money is described in the missionary manual.  Right now, I am receiving 1,800 ish pesos monthly, and that is plenty for me right now, but that isnt for personal expenses.  Basically every week, we go to Plaza Aragon which is basically a large mall (the taco stand from last week is right next to the plaza), and there is a WalMart there where we shop.  We also shop at the stores and small businesses around town durring the week if we need anything.
How much speaking have you had to do in the wards that you attend? You have kind of said what your PDays are like and I think I get an idea about your regular weekdays. How about your Sundays? What is a typical Sunday like?
I have spoken twice in my ward here.  Once my first Sunday here in Mexico and again this last Sunday.  Our typical Sundays right now are Ward Council at 12, Church from 2 to 5, dinner, and then two or three appointments.
I would like to try my hand at sending you a small package (that does not have anything expensive in it). I am wanting to see how long it takes to get to you as a trial run…. Is there anything that you would really like to receive that you can’t seem to find in Mexico? Pop Tarts, etc. ??
Like I said above, we do shop at WalMart, so it isnt hard to get most things, however I dont know if I have seen Pop Tarts there yet…  I will be happy to receive anything really.



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