Hot Off the Press! Special Transfer

¡Hola familia!  ¿Como estan ustedes?

As the subject of this email says, I have just had a special transfer.  Well, it was actually my companion that was transferred (Elder Bernal), so I am still here in Guerreros for today. I am now in a trio with a visa waiter who is waiting to leave to Argentina.  Now, I said for today because we got a call just a couple of hours ago saying that either the new visa waiter (I can´t see his name tag right now and can´t remember his name… sorry) or myself will be transferred tomorrow, but as of now we do not know which of us.  Either way though, I am now away from my ‘father’.

I am sure Mom is now wondering what a ‘special transfer’ or ‘cambio especial’ is.  Well, in between normal transfers that happen every six weeks, it is sometimes necessary to transfer Elders because of different reasons.  A few Elders left for home today, so it was necessary to do a special transfer today so that nobody is companion-less.

Now, to quickly answer some questions.

You told us some of the things you eat, but are you normally eating at members’ homes in the evening or are you on your own for lunches and dinners.

I thought that I mentioned this last week, but I guess not.  We normally have lunch around 2pm or 3pm with a family every day.  If we are hungry around the time that we return home, we just grab a small snack.

Are you playing any fútbol or soccer while reactivating or friend-shipping?

We have played soccer the last three weeks in the mornings on Monday.  Quite a few active members and less-active members have been there each time to play with us.

What are some of the names and stories surrounding some of the families or people that you are working with?

Unfortunately, this last week, we didn’t have many lessons with our investigators.  They have been busy with work.  Hermana Veronica, one of our investigators, teaches supplemental summer classes in her home and her husband currently does not have a job, so she has been busy with different things because of that situation.  We have four or five less-active families that we have been visiting, and it has been interesting to listen to their reasons for not attending church.

Have you had any neat spiritual promptings or experiences that now that you look back on them you can see that you were guided to do or say something?

I cannot say that I have had any experiences like that yet.  Maybe I just am not noticing them right now.

Well, I will let you know next week whether or not I end up getting transferred tomorrow.  Also, I received two Dear Elder letters from Mom and one from Grandma Parry today so you know.

Laboring in the vinyard of the Lord,

Elder Tyler Gardner


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