Fish Soup and More! July 29, 2013

¡Hola Familia!
I am glad you had a great time durring your vacation, and that you are back home safe!  This week has been a little slow with lessons, but we are not getting discouraged.  It is difficult sometimes to work around the work schedules of our investigators, but we have a few lessons scheduled with them this week so things should pick back up on that end.
Before I answer some of Mom´s questions, let me quickly share a short ´food experience´ from yesterday.  Up until now, everything that I have eaten has been fairly normal.  Yesterday for lunch, we had fish soup.  Not too wierd, but I have a feeling that Mom wouldn´t really like it (my companion doesn´t like it either).  So, yes… basically it was just a soup with a whole fish cut into pieces, skin, bones and all.  I liked it, and it wasn´t too hard for me to ´fish´ out the bones.
Anyway, my spanish is comming along great!  I am most confident in my vocabulary concerning the lessons and the góspel right now, but I also feel ok about conversing about everyday things.  I am going to start studying more general vocabulary such as home ítems and other general things that I need to review/learn.
Right now, I am in a house that is rented by a member.  Here in my mission, the senior companion receives money for rent and utilities.  I will include a few pictures of our house if I can.  Every morning, we have to turn on our water heater (boiler in spanish) so that we have hot water for our showers and then turn it off when we leave.  As far as travel, my current area is fairly small, so we walk most everywhere.  Sometimes, we grab a taxi if we need, or we ride the metro/busses if we are going somewhere out of our area like to the Mission Office.  Currently, I am serving in the Guerreros Ward which is in the Azteca Stake. Our Zone Leaders are also in our Ward.
All of our work is done through the members.  It is actually a rule set by the Area General Athorities that we cannot actively knock on doors.  All of our investigators are referals.  We also are working with a few less active families.
As far as food, the food that we eat for lunch everyday is similar to American Mexican food… just better.  We usually are served some sort of soup and then enchiladas/tacos/meat.  Because some of the food is quite spicy and is different than what our American bodies our used too, I got sick my first week here from some of the Mole that I had one day, but I have been fine since.  As far as breakfast, right now I am just doing cereal.
Now, the dogs… Yes, they are everywhere, but they also have never bothered me.  It is not uncommon to see dogs sleeping under cars on the side of streets or roaming around neighborhoods.
Well, I hope that this is sufficiently long for this week…
Elder Tyler Gardner
  1. A picture looking out the second floor of our house across the street.  That is a school on the other side of the street.
  2. Kitchen pt 1
  3. Kitchen pt 2
  4. Our room

DSC00075 DSC00074 DSC00073 DSC00070


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