Week 2 in Mexico

¡Hola familia!

Again, sorry for the short email last week. I will just have to manage my email time better. The ‘internet cafes’ that we use charge per hour, so we try to be frugal with our time.

I am really enjoying working in the area that I am in now. The ward and members are great! My first night in Mexico, I stayed at the mission home with 5 other Elders who just arrived from the MTC. They were in the MTC for the full six weeks.

I am currently serving in Polygonos 1 and 2 which are ‘colonias’ right next to the city of Azteca. My companion and trainer is Elder Bernal. Now, to really quickly answer Mom’s question as to the father/son thing, your trainer is your father and every elder that is a trainer trains is his “son”. Only your trainer is called your father.

Well, it is definitely the rainy season here. It rains almost every day in the afternoon/evening. Now, this isn’t piddly Utah rain. These raindrops are good-sized blobs of water. Luckily, we are usually inside in a lesson when it rains.

So, let me say something about the pictures that I am including this week. The first picture is of a fox we spotted one day while I was in Kearns. He was just lounging in the lawn of a Christian church building. The second picture is of my companions and I with the 8 year old boy that we baptized the Saturday before I left Kearns. The third is another picture of me with my companions in Kearns right before I left for the SLC South mission home. The last is a picture of me with President Anaya and is wife.

Well, there is a lot more that I could share, but I can’t think of what to write so… I might regret this, but here is me asking for questions Mom ( and others)! Also, have fun while you are back east!

Elder Tyler GardnerP.S.

I don’t know if you want to put the picture of ____, the 8 yr old on the blog for his privacy. Just a consideration.

(I did not include this picture of the boy on the blog because of that privacy issue , and since I already posted a pic of Ty with Pres. and Sister Anaya I did no re-post it).




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