First Week in México….. July 15, 2013

(Received our first email from Mexico…. was kind of hoping to see a picture and hear a bit more information about the first week there. This email is pretty short, guess Tyler had a lot going on for P-Day…. makes us look forward to next week’s email….. ahhhhhh)
¡Hola familia!
I am finally in Mexico and have had a great week here.  Monday night, I stayed at the mission home.  Tuesday, we had transfers and I met my new companion and trainer, Elder Bernal from Guadalejara, Mexico.  I am now serving in Azteca on the NE side of Mexico City.  Unfortunately, I cannot send any pictures this week, but I will make sure to send my pictures next week.  A lot has been going on and I don´t have much time to write this email, so I will be quick.
The members and people here in my area are great.  My companion is also great and I have loved working with him so far.
Unfortunately I am pressed for time today so I can´t write much more now.  I will write more next week though!  Sorry.
Elder Tyler Gardner

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