July 1, 2013 ¡Hola familia!


¡Hola familia!
I hope your summer is going great!  This week wasn’t perhaps quite as busy as last week was, but a lot of things still happened this week.  First off though, let me give you a heads up.  I have been told “unofficially” that I will be leaving for Mexico next Monday, the 8th.  I say “unofficially” because I have not actually received the “official” call from the office telling me that I am leaving.  So, I am still in Kearns for probably a week, but I have enjoyed my time here and I have learned a lot.
This week, we have been working with four progressing investigators (investigators are considered progressing if they have been taught 1 to 2 lessons and are keeping commitments).  All four of these investigators attended church yesterday, which was great to see!  One of them will also be baptized this coming Saturday!  We have also been doing some service for a less-active family this week.  We helped them fix some of their sprinklers and we also helped to level-out some of the yard to the side of their house.
So I already mentioned that we had four of our investigators at church yesterday.  I also translated our sacrament meeting service for those in the congregation who don’t speak Spanish.  After sacrament meeting, my district leader and his companion snatched me away so that I could go to a couple of lessons with Elder Merenda while Elder O’Dair (DL) taught a young men’s class.  Both of their lessons fell through unfortunately.  After that, they dropped me back off at my ward and I jumped in on the last part of our weekly correlation meeting.  We then had dinner, and I was then ‘borrowed’ by our Zone Leaders – Elders Birch and Barkdull – to go to some lessons with Elder Birch while Elder Barkdull went to a baptism.
While I was with Elder Birch, I had the great opportunity to meet Brother Richardson, a member in their area.  Brother Richardson is an older man who is dependent on oxygen.  Despite it being a little hard for him to get around, he loves to get out and visit the members and nonmembers in his ward, and that is exactly what we did with him.  While I probably spent only an hour with Brother Richardson, that hour was plenty of time to feel that he is a spiritual giant and has a tremendous amount of love.  I learned a lot about loving the people you work with and labor for just by watching him during the two visits that we made yesterday.
Now, since I forgot to include my aha last week, let me make sure to include this weeks aha right now:
While I was reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage this week, I read something that helped me make a connection.  I cannot remember exactly what Talmage was talking about, but he was describing the difference between Satan’s power and Christ’s power.  By his nature, Christ’s power comes from within him because he IS power by virtue of who he is and how he has lived.  Satan’s power, on the other hand, was described by Talmage as being external and worn like an apron or robe .  Because of the external nature of his power, Satan cannot do more than he is given power to do or allowed to do.
Have a great week and go forward in His strength!
Elder Tyler Gardner
Here are a few pictures from the week….
  1.  View of SLC from Kearns High School
  2.  Wheeling Elder Ibañes’ bike back to our apartment: his back wheel got knocked loose
  3.  Me writing in my journal

DSC00038 DSC00040 DSC00043



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