6/24/2013… Crazy Busy Week

As the subject of this week’s email says, this last week was pretty packed!  A lot happened this last week as President and Sister Miller prepare to leave.  It sounds like our new Mission President will officially take over onJune 27th.
Thursday was my busiest day this last week.  It started off with the whole mission meeting at the Jordan River Temple.  I then had to rush from the temple to the mission office so that Elder Valle and I could get down to the Mexican Consulate in SLC (right behind the Sprint Mobile Ball Park).  When there, we had our pictures taken, we were fingerprinted, and then we sat around waiting for paperwork to be taken care of.  Finally, we drove back to the mission office for mission conference.  Sister Miller talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and we listened to a few other talks.
Transfers were on Friday, and my companions and I are still here in our same area (I wasn’t expecting to get transferred at all).
Saturday was a little crazy.  Our plans got thrown off because our Zone Leader’s told us Friday night that we were going to have a Zone Meeting at 1:00 pm Saturday… We still managed to accomplish some of our plans despite that inconvenience.
Sunday Ward Council, Church at 11:00 am, Missionary Coordination Meeting, and then we had the Worldwide Leadership Broadcast.  All I can say on that is the work is indeed hastening!  I am interested to see how the church is going to more fully be using media in missionary work, and I can indeed confirm that the work is best done through members.
Now to answer questions (from Mom):
So what does your typical day look like right now? Wake up time… appointments/tracting…dinners, etc.
My typical day:
6:00 – Wake up
6:10 – Exercise/Work out (personal exercise, our gym, or zone workout)
7:00 – Get ready for the day
8:00 – Study
12:00ish – Lunch
5:00ish – Dinner
9:00 – Return to apartment, plan
10:30 – Bed
How about a PDay?… remember, I (mom) have never been on a mission, so I really have no idea.
Same morning schedule
10:00ish – Email
Then, depending on what I need to do:
  • Shopping
  • Lunch
  • Haircut
  • Various activities
What are the wards/stakes that you are serving in? Do any of the people there have relatives in Provo 😉  or even Mexico City?  he he he
I am serving in the Olympic Park 3rd Ward (Spanish Ward) and it covers two stakes, the Kearns Central and Kearns South stakes.  Many members of the ward are from Mexico and other countries in Central/South America.  A couple of the members even served in the Mexico City East Mission, so they have talked with me quite a bit about it.
Well, my time is up so I need to finish up.
The work is moving forward!
Elder Tyler Gardner
I am sort of regretting not bringing any of my church music.  I might ask you to burn a couple of CD’s for me.

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