6/17/2013 ….. Que Tál

¿Que tal?

First off, I will go ahead and answer a couple of your questions.
So I would like to hear the aha moment of the week.
Hmm… The aha moment of the week… I’m not sure if I had an aha moment this week.  I have been learning things gradually.  I will however say that Elder Cook’s address at our Mission Conference this week was great and there are some things that I learned during his talk that you might be able to call an aha moment.
Are you using quite a bit of your Spanish? I really hope your companions are only speaking to you in Spanish.
Well of course I am using quite a bit of my Spanish.  I am serving in a Spanish Ward and I am teaching Spanish speakers (.  I am not using it 24/7, but I talk in Spanish most of the time.  We usually speak in English in our apartment because Elder Arizandieta is still learning English (he speaks pretty well though).
How often do transfers happen in your mission? How much notice do elders and sisters have when they are going to be transferred?
Transfers happen every six weeks in this mission.  However, we are on a four week transfer right now and there will be a transfer the end of this week in preparation for the new Mission President. Elders and Sisters get notified the day before if they are getting transferred.
Have you seen any success from you OYM contacts?
We have had some success from our OYM contacts.  We have found two or three possible investigators out of our OYM’s.
Quite a bit has happened this week, so I am going to try to cover as much as possible.  This week started out with our weekly District Meeting on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I attended a First Transfer Training at the Mission Office.  You can actually find a picture or two of me at the training if you go to the mission blog at www.utahslcsouthmission.com (it might be a bit difficult to find me: second row, last picture).  There are also pictures on the blog for Father’s Day (no… we did not eat a pizza that size, they gave us a box to take a picture with).
We then had Mission Conference on Wednesday and Elder Cook spoke to us on multiple points.  He shared an experience from his mission that illustrated how important it is for us to be led by the spirit.  He also taught us quite a bit about Preach My Gospel and why it was put together in the way it was.  Most notably for me, he also said that (when they were preparing for PMG, the brethren found that) there are two things in specific that most converts and less active members remember about the lessons they received: The First Vision and The Plan of Salvation.

        A.     The First Vision
(1). If set up and told correctly the Holy Ghost will bear witness
(2)  It teaches a multitude of correct doctrines:
– God continues to reveal himself to man.
– The cannon of scriptures are not closed.
– God and Jesus Christ are separate individuals.
– God knows us by name.
– The gospel of Jesus Christ was to be restored by Joseph Smith.
B.  The Plan of Salvation:
(1)  It answers four great concerns of man:
– Where he came from
– The purpose of life
– Where he is going and
– what man can become
(2)  It teaches us that God has a plan for us and we have a purpose.

Well, I need to wrap up this email pretty quickly.  I would like to let everyone that has written me a letter that I am responding to them as quick as I can (hopefully today).
As Elder Dunyon says: We’ll Bring the world His Truth!

Elder Tyler Gardner
  • My bike is working great
  • Don’t worry about getting me my sunglasses
  • I don’t think that I will be transferred, but if I do, my bike will go with me
  • Still no word on my visa… I still need to meet with the embassy as far as I’m aware


I also took these pictures as we were getting ready today.  There you go mom, I took a picture of myself for you…

DSC00030 DSC00031


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