June 10, 2013 email: A week in Kearns


This past week has been great!  Temperatures this week have been up in the high 90’s, but I haven’t actually been too hot (thank goodness for Utah’s dry heat).  My companions and I have been on foot all this week… our bike tires got “slashed” last Sunday, so one of the senior Elders in the mission office picked up our bikes today to repair them (he dropped off my bike at the same time).  We still got quite a bit done this week despite that setback.

So, first off, a little bit about my two companions.  Elder Arizandieta, from Guatemala, has been out on his mission for just over a year.  He has been in this area for three months.  Elder Ibañez was born in Mexico and was raised in Washington state.  He has been out on his mission for a little under a year and three months.  Our area covers two stakes and is divided in half by a single Union Pacific Railroad line.  There are two companionships of English Elders in our district.  They each cover a single stake, and since we cover both of their stakes, we actually cover our whole district.

We began this week by doing some contacting all around our area.  Tuesday, we got 81 OYM contacts which resulted in quite a few referrals and possible investigators that we will be checking back on this week (OYM’ing – open your mouth).  In addition to that, we have also been teaching a few investigators.  We don’t have any baptisms on date yet, but we plan to commit a few investigators to date this week.
Concerning mail, this is how it works here.  All mail is sent to the mission office addressed with my name (“Elder Tyler Gardner”).  Mail is then distributed weekly on P-Day to every zone by the Zone Leaders.
Now, a bit about the attached pictures.  A couple are pictures of our apartment here in Kearns.  There is also a picture of Elder Arizandieta chowing down some of our leftover chinese food from dinner Friday.  Elder Ibañez is the one with the hat on in the car, and then the two Elders in the front seats of the car are Elder O’Dair (my District Leader) and his companion Elder Merenda.  They are also in the  picture running up the stairs.  I will be taking more (and better) pictures as I have time.
Elder Tyler Gardner
P.S.  The new camera is working great and takes much better pictures (as you can see)!DSC00017 DSC00015 DSC00020 DSC00018 DSC00003 DSC00002
DSC00013 DSC00009

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