First Week in the Field

Monday June 3,2013

Well, I made it here just fine. My last day or two in the MTC, I got a cold and I am still fighting that. Unfortunately, I did not have time to get more pictures using the new camera, so I have no new pictures this week. My P-Day while I am here is Monday. The ride on Frontrunner went great. My new area is in Kearns and it covers a spanish ward. There are many hispanics who live here, and I would compare it to Provo in that aspect (well, at least the area around Timpanogos). In my area, we are using bikes to get around.

After we arrived Saturday (there are 5 other missionaries who have been temporarly reassigned to this mission, including Elder Valle), we were taken to the mission offices which are in a stake center. There, we had a short meeting with the Assistants to the President, and we were all interviewed quickly by President Miller. I was then driven out to my area with my companions (I am in a trio) and we began our work right away. The bike that I have for right now is too small for me, so the hills here in our area killed my legs (I’m no longer sore though). Friday night, we had an exchange with our Zone Leaders.

Yesterday, Fast Sunday, we attended our ward’s testimony meeting and it was great to hear all of the members share their testimonies. So many members went up to the stand at the beginning that we did not actually have a chance to share our testimonies. After sacrament meeting (and other meetings), we then helped distribute flyers for the ward’s hispanic cultural event that is happening this Saturday. There are three senior missionary couples who are assigned to our area, and they also helped out with the flyers. We are fed every night by a member family from our ward, so we went to our dinner appointment after helping with the flyers. Our Sunday ended with a few other appointments.

Well, unfortunately, I am almost out of time so I have to finish here.

Elder Tyler Gardner

P.S. I am still not sure what my address is here. I will let you know as soon as I can. I will ask about the best way for you to get my new license to me.


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