A little bit of stalking…. he he he

We got a 5 minute phone call on Friday night (May 31, 2013). It appeared on caller ID as coming from BYU. I (mom) almost didn’t answer it, thinking it was a call for more $$  😉

Anyway, I finally did answer and I hear, “Hi”.  I said hello and hear , “Hi, mom”.  AHHHHH  🙂  It was my boy. He said he only had 5 minutes, so I ran and got Jeff to come to the phone also. Tyler then proceeds to tell us that his visa for Mexico is still delayed, but he has received his re-assignment and is leaving at 8:00 a.m. Saturday (June 1).  I asked him where he was being sent to.

Drum roll…………….. his answer……….. Salt Lake City, South.  Hmmmmm, that mission home is literally 20 minutes away from our home!!!!  Anyway, he tells me that he is being put on Frontrunner and will be picked up at the South Jordan Station.  Oh, if that was not a “tempting invitation” for a mother.  Oh my, I had to work hard to resist that one.

However, I did put out the call on Facebook to any friends that lived close to the South Jordan station to be on a lookout for my cute elder.  One of my friends, Vicki Caldwell Morgan took on the challenge and went missionary stalking. He he he.  She snuck some really cute photos of my boy getting off and being picked up my the mission van.  THANK YOU VICKI!   🙂  So now my boy is “officially” out in the mission field….. a little different situation than we had expected, but none the less, he is “out”.  🙂

Front runner station...

Front runner station… 

Elder Gardner coming down off the ramp  ;)

Elder Gardner coming down off the ramp 😉



Loading into the mission van.



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