Week #2….. Playing the Waiting Game (sorry the pictures are pretty blurry… until Tyler receives his better camera, these will have to do)

Well, just like the subject says, it appears that I am now playing the waiting game.  All of the sisters in my district will be gone by tomorrow morning, but Elder Valle and I are still waiting to get travel plans and reassignments.  So far as we know, the church still does not have our visas for Mexico.  We are hoping to have information about our reassignments by this Tursday or Friday.
Anyway, this past week at the MTC has flown by!  I have learned a lot here and many things have happened.  This last Sunday, the Sunday Evening Devotional was given by the Managing Director of the Missionary Department, Steven B. Allen.  He spoke completely by the spirit because he was prompted to speak on something completely different than what he had planned to talk about.  He felt that he should share some things to prepare us for watching Sister Monson’s funeral.  Towards the end of the devotional, he had all of the missionaries sing “Come Come Ye Saints” along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (they pulled up one of the Choir’s youtube recordings).  After the devotional, we then all had the great opportunity to watch Sister Monson’s funeral.  It was so sad to see how exaused and worn down President Monson is because of his wife’s death.  All of the talks given during the funeral service were great and the whole service was an excellent reminder of the Plan of Happiness that we are sharing with the world.
In other news, I have seen Elder Clawson (Alex) and Elder Chatwin (Eric) around the MTC this week.  Our schedules are different, so they are rarely in the cafeteria at the same time as me.  I have also seen Sister Lewis (Regan) as well (she is one of Colin’s friends).  Elder Valle and I were released from being Zone Leaders on Sunday.  I received Grandma’s treats last week.  There was no way I could eat all of them on my own on top of the other cookies I have received, so I shared them with the sisters in my district.  Grandma should be getting the thank you letter from the sisters soon.
Attatched to this, I have included pictures.  The first is a picture of my district with our teacher, Brother Bell, and one of our Zone Resource Teachers.  The next one is a picture of my district during our Sunday Temple walk, and then the last is me with my companion during the Temple walk.  Unfortunately… it looks like the cheap camera we got isn’t taking very good pictures (ARGH).
Elder Tyler Gardner
P.S.  Hopefully you have gotten the books that I sent home.  The MTC gave me those on my first day here, and since I already have them… I just sent them home.ImageImageImage

One thought on “Week #2….. Playing the Waiting Game (sorry the pictures are pretty blurry… until Tyler receives his better camera, these will have to do)

  1. Not sure why his camera is giving a wrong date 😦 . We bought him an inexpensive (but it was supposed to be good) camera so he wouldn’t have to take his nice one with him and risk “losing it”, but now it’s looking like we need to get it to him anyway. This new one stinks. 😦

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