First Week at the MTC (First official email letter home :) May 21, 2013)

Hello all!
Wow, this week has passed fast.  My Spanish is coming back pretty fast, but I still am working on some things as far as remembering grammar and vocabulary.  Our classes have been great, and I have learned a lot of things just this week.  My companion here in the MTC is Elder Valle.  He is from Anaheim, California and he is going to the Mexico Sonora Mission.  Elder Valle has helped me a lot this week with getting back into Spanish.
This last Sunday, we had a great devotional.  After the devotional, my district went and watched a film of Elder David A. Bednar’s talk, Character of Christ,  that he gave here at the MTC during a devotional on Christmas day, 2011(?).  Sunday’s here at the MTC are great simply because of the excellent devotionals which we get to attend and watch.
So, a little bit about my district and zone.  First off, if you aren’t familiar with how the MTC is organized, let me explain really quick.  Most MTC classes have about 8-12 missionaries (Elders and Sisters).  Your class is also your district.  My companion and I are the only two elders in my district of nine missionaries (seven sisters).  We then have our zone, which includes four districts.  Are zone is also our branch, and our Branch Presidency are our ecclesiastical leaders while we are here at the MTC.  Two of our districts leave this week, and two new districts will be coming in tomorrow (that is a really fast turnover if you think about it).  Since my companion and I are the only elders in our district, naturally one of us was called to be our district’s District Leader… that would be me.  My companion and I have also been called to be our zone’s Zone Leaders for this week, so I am pulling double duty this week.  It isn’t too bad, but time sure does seem to get away from you in between studying, class, and leadership responsibilities.
Anyway, things are going great here.  I am not sure yet if I will be leaving straight to Mexico next week.  The Travel Office told me that the next step with my visa is to ‘present me in person in front of the embasy’, so I might be reassigned somewhere else.
Finally, I would like to say thank you for the letters  that I have received so far.  Braeden, thank you for your letter.  I loved reading it!
Elder Gardner

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